Cranka Crabs

If you want to try lure fishing for bream, you can’t go past the trusty Cranka Crabs.

Made and designed here in Australia, these popular lures have been a favourite among bream enthusiasts and tournament pros for years. The reason? They’re extremely lifelike and deadly on bream and other species. With special foam attachments on its claws, Cranka Crabs naturally wave their claws high in the air—mimicking a real defensive crab. This technique also keeps the hooks off the bottom, meaning they’re also snag resistant.

And they’re super easy to use. Simply cast in close to structure, let it sink, then slowly retrieve it for the desired action. Or if you’re on a pier, just drop straight down and wait for curious fish to bite.

If you haven’t got a Cranka Crab in your tackle box, we suggest you give them a try.