Yarra Bay: A spot that feels worlds away

Yarra Bay is a great fishing spot that’s close to La Perouse but miles away from crowds at the ever popular Bare Island.

Situated on the north side of Botany Bay, in the suburb of Phillip Bay, Yarra Bay is an easy 30 min drive from Sydney’s CBD. There’s heaps of parking and a few spots for a picnic or casual swim. On Sundays during summer, Yarra Bay’s Sailing Club opens their beach bar and kiosk, which serves light refreshments and drinks.

And opposite the sailing club is where you’ll want to fish. There’s a small break wall that’s a popular with the locals. Don’t be put off by a somewhat tricky walk onto the groynes, because once you’re on top, it’s quite level and safe.

In winter, you’ll find schools of tailor and salmon often hold in the bay. To go after these, try casting metal lures (20-40 gram) and vary your retrieve to see what’s biting on the day. We recommend casting out, counting to five then doing a quick retrieve, with your rod tip low. This keeps the lure just under the surface, right where these pelagic fish like to feed. Or do it the relaxed way, and catch them by floating out a pilchard and playing the waiting game.

The area is nice and sandy so you can also catch flathead, bream and pan-sized snapper here. Use a paternoster or running rig and cast long.

If nothing’s biting in the bay, try walking along the beach towards Molineaux breakwall and fish for flathead or whiting. At the end of the beach, you’ll reach Bumborah Point which has a combination of rock, weed and sand making it the perfect hiding spot for squid. Use a high quality jig such as Yamashita or Yo-Zuri and you’ll have the best chance of having salt and pepper squid for dinner.

Happy fishing.


Getting there: 30 minutes on Princess Highway from Sydney [view in map]

Best times: 2 hours before high tide.

What to catch & how: 

  • Salmon/Tailor on floated pilchards or metal lures
  • Bream/flathead on prawns or cubed pilchards
  • Sand whiting on blood worms or yabbies
  • Squid on squid jigs

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: