St Kilda’s other nightlife

When the sun sets at St Kilda, it isn’t just the party animals who come out to play. The fish are also keen for some action.

A popular tourist attraction, St Kilda Pier gets so busy that we don’t recommend fishing there during the day. But as the sun goes down, the fishing activity dials up.

Right along the pier, you’ll find anglers from all walks of life vying for a spot—hoping to catch fish of all types. Like most piers, this is easy fishing as long as you avoid tangling your lines or hooking into unsuspecting tourists.

The 7-11 on Barkley street sells bait.

On the pier’s furthest point, at the Pavilion, more experienced anglers hunt large snapper with huge surf rods—sometimes using balloons to carry their bait deep into the bay. But don’t worry, there’s also plenty of fish to be caught at your feet. Simply choose the right bait, drop your line and wait for St Kilda’s locals to bite—we’re talking about the fish.

If you get hungry, you’re spoilt for choice in St Kilda. But for quick and easy options, we can’t go past Bay City Burrito or Mammy’s Boy Chip Shop near Luna Park. Get the traditional Irish chicken roll. Trust us.



Getting there: 18 mins on St Kilda Rd from Melbourne [ view in map]

Best times: Night or early morning

What to catch & how: 

  • Snapper on pilchards or squid
  • Flathead on  pilchards
  • Garfish on silverfish

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: