Squidding in Sorrento

One of the prettiest spots to fish around Melbourne, Sorrento features a wide variety of fish to catch, including the always-present squid.

Sorrento is simply gorgeous. The turquoise blue water, the quaint village life and handsome pier. You’ll want to stay here forever, trust us.

The town itself is a short drive up the hill from the pier, where you’ll find bait and tackle at the hardware store and a large supermarket if you need other supplies.

Because Sorrento Pier also acts the ferry terminal for large ships arriving from Queenscliff, the surrounding water has a deep channel that attracts a variety of fish—particularly during tide changes.

You can catch all sort of fish here—flathead, whiting, trevally, leatherjackets. You name it. But one of our favourite things to catch here is squid. While it’s best to go squidding here at night, we have consistently caught squid at Sorrento at all hours of the day.

It’s a great place to bring the kids. One of Melbourne’s most scenic fishing spots.

When you’re done fishing, drive up the hill into town for a feed. The fish and chip shop near the pub is nice, while the cafes do decent coffee and sandwiches. And if you love the place as much as we do, there are also lots of nice places to stay overnight.


Getting there:
 1.45 hour on M11 from Melbourne [view in map]

Best times: Best at dusk but can be fished all day

What to catch & how:

  • Squid on jigs
  • King George whiting on squid
  • Flathead on pilchards

Buying bait:

Where to eat: