All hail Princes Pier

This historic pier in Port Melbourne is home to a number of fish species and comes with stunning postcard views.

Built in 1915, Princes Pier was a major arrival point for post-war migrants and cargo. Today, its modern restoration makes the pier one of the most comfortable and scenic spots to fish in Melbourne. And if you know what you’re doing, it’s a consistent place to catch fish.

Anglers of all ages drop can their lines directly beneath the pier, where snapper, bream and trevally all congregate. More experienced fishers cast directly into the maze of pylons where bigger fish often hide. On either side of the pier, casting further out can produce Australian Salmon, monster flathead and if you’re lucky, big snapper. Fish on light tackle close to the pier, or use heavier gear if you’re targeting bigger fish. The surrounding water is fairly free of snags, although from time to time, you will pull up seaweed or starfish.

Try early morning for most species or sunset for snapper.

For lunch, we bring takeaway food from any of Bay Street’s numerous shops, including one of our favourites: Pure Pies. They’re so freakin’ good.



Getting there: 15 mins via City Rd from Melbourne [view in map]

Best times: Early morning or sunset, but can be fished throughout the day

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream on peeled prawns
  • Australian Salmon/trevally on pilchards
  • Snapper on pilchards or squid

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: