Industrial: fishing at Port Kembla

If you’re ready for some serious fishing, Port Kembla break walls will take you out into deeper waters.

Just an hour south of Sydney, Port Kembla is an industrial suburb that’s home to a huge steelworks factory where working class families have earned an honest wage for generations. And behind this mega factory are two huge break walls, each stretching over a kilometer out to sea.

The break walls are popular among land-based anglers because there’s plenty of room and plenty of structure for fish to hang around. But the biggest reason is that they provide access to deep water, which means access to big pelagic fish like kingfish.

When you first get there, you’ll notice it’s a grimy yet tranquil spot: You’re not in Sydney anymore, sunshine.

You’ll also notice everyone here has serious gear. We recommend heavy combos: 20lb line and a rod at least 10ft long—strong enough to fling up your catch using the high-stick technique if needed. And of course, have a long net handy.

Switch up the fishing: try on the surface with floats, cast metal spinners or work the bottom with paternoster/running rigs or soft plastics.

To catch yellowtail for live bait, burley along along break wall and fish light with pilchard fillets.

Port Kembla is productive spot where you’re bound to catch anything from kingfish, salmon, bonito, trevally, bream, or tailor. But it’s also a fairly isolated spot so prepare your Esky with the necessary supplies. Otherwise Seascape is a great little café nearby that serves up a mean steak sandwich.



Getting there: 1 hour on Princess Highway from Sydney [view in map]

Best times: High tide at dawn or dusk

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream on prawns or cubed pilchards
  • Salmon/Tailor/Bonito on pilchards/metal lures
  • Mulloway/Kingfish on Yellowtail/Squid
  • Squid on squid jigs

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: