Pier 2, the Rocks

Just around the corner from the Rocks is the historic Pier 2/3. It’s the last remaining undeveloped wharf in Sydney and it’s a handy spot to go fishing if you’re in the city.

The area has a number of restaurants and coffee shops although parking is limited. If you’ve managed to nab one of the nearby parking spots, walk down the wharf and set up your rod in one of the holes in the wooden pier, then just wait for a bite.

This is a deep water spot so you can expect to hook up anything from kingfish and Australian salmon to tailor, bream, silver trevally and leatherjackets. If you do decide to lay your rod down and wait for the bite, don’t adjust your drag too tight as we’ve seen a few fishing rods unexpectedly go into the water with a big fish on the other end!

Another thing to note is that the wharf is fairly high off the water surface, so use at least 6kg fishing line to be able to lift fish out of the water. Otherwise, you’ll need to bring a long handled net.

Even if you don’t catch dinner at Pier 2, you’ll catch some of the best views of the bridge. Ever.




Getting there:  Sydney CBD [view in map]

Best times: This pier can be fished at any time, day or night. It’s also sheltered so can be fished in windy conditions too.

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream, silver trevally on pink nippers, blood worms or peeled prawns
  • Kingfish, Tailor, Salmon on fresh squid, mullet, tuna, slimy mackerel and pilchards
    The bottom can be very snaggy so try using a paternoster rigs or the sliding ball or bean sinker down onto the top of the bait
  • Squid with a high quality jig.

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: