Bream country: Patterson River

The Patterson is one of our favourite rivers to fish for bream. It’s only half an hour from town, great for anglers of all levels and has a nice beach nearby if you feel like a swim afterwards.

To get there, take the freeway and pick up bait and supplies from the shops at Patterson Lakes. Then head to the car park at the end of Stephen St in Carrum.

From there, you’ll have easy access to the river mouth and nearby railway bridge. And this is where you want to be.

There’s a handy parking spot at end of Station St if you’re fishing the bridge

The river is home to a decent population of bream which can be caught on peeled prawns or live yabbies. We recommend working your way from the river mouth to the bridge until you locate the fish.

With bream fishing, it’s best to fish light: a small hook and the smallest sinker you can get away with—on a running sinker rig. Also, light line so you can really feel those bites.

If the bream aren’t biting, try fishing for Australian salmon at the river mouth using a metal lure, or berley up and go after mullet further upstream. Frozen bait is available at nearby servos but if you want the fresher stuff, try the tackle shop at the boat ramp.



Getting there: 30 mins on M11 from Melbourne [view in map]

Best times: Early morning or a few hours either side of high tide

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream on peeled prawns or yabbies
  • Salmon with pilchards or metal lures
  • Mulloway on squid or pilchards
  • Mullet on bread

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: