Gymea Bay Baths

Nestled in Gymea Bay is a popular swimming spot among locals and visitors alike. What we love about Gymea Bay Baths though, is that it’s also a top spot to go fishing.

The area gets quite hot in summer, so it’s worth bringing your swimmers and going for a dip between catching fish. If you’ve got four-legged friends, bring them along too—the netted baths are dog-friendly. Change rooms and toilets can be found next to the sea baths.

Fishing-wise, you can cast directly off the walkway that goes around the baths. Within four or five metres you’ll find bream, whiting, dusky flathead, flounder and the odd paned sized snapper. Kingfish, Australian salmon and tailor also patrol these baths at times, so make sure you have metal lures handy.

There are also a number of boats moored nearby, which make ideal habitats for fish. Carefully cast towards the side of the boats and let it to sink to the bottom. Rest your rod up against the hand rail and wait for the bites. But make sure that you don’t have your drag done up too tight as a salmon or kingfish may take a liking to your bait. It’s also a good place to catch squid.

Berley works well here, as it brings the fish in closer to the wharf. Try fishing in close to the wharf for leatherjackets using long shanked hooks and pieces of squid or prawns.

Happy days.



Getting there:  40 minutes via Princes Highway from Sydney [view in map]

Best times: Two hours either side of high tide. Mornings seems to fish the better for most fish species.

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream, whiting, Dusky flathead, flounder using half pilchards, pink nippers, blood and tube worms, and prawns. You could also try strips of squid, mullet and tuna.
  • Soft plastics and blades would be the go for the dusky flathead and bream.
  • Don’t forget to bring a few 30 to 50 grams metals and squid jigs.

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: