Fishing the Spit Bridge

It’s a major road that links Sydney’s north shore with city, but few people realise that you can actually go fishing here.

Once you find somewhere to park your car (good luck with that), you can enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the Spit Reserve. People like coming here for picnics, or bring their kids to kick the ball around. There’s also a small sandy beach nearby and places to grab coffee. On the northern side there is a walk that goes from Avona Crescent to Clontarf, where there is a great swimming beach, park and shops.

In terms of fishing, it’s a great spot in summer for dusky flathead and kingfish using live bait. Bream and trevally are worth a shot here—use Hawkesbury River prawns, strips of tuna or mullet, squid, nippers and blood worms. From autumn to winter, tailor and salmon also move through here.

On the southern side, you can flick soft plastics about for bream, whiting, flathead and flounder. Squid can also be caught on either side of the bridge. Luderick will school up here during the cooler months of the year, bream and trevally can be caught year round and kingfish patrol the area during the warmer months of the year.



Getting there:  20 minutes via Military Road from Sydney [view in map]

Best times: During the day there is usually a fair amount of boat traffic, but this shouldn’t worry you as the water is fairly deep on both sides of the bridge.
Early morning or later in the afternoon seems to be the best time. It doesn’t matter whether the tide is coming in or going out, but it does run quickly here at times.
So a couple of hours either side of the top or bottom of the tide.

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream, trevally, flathead on Hawkesbury River prawns, strips of tuna or mullet, squid, nippers and blood worms
  • Squid on 2.5 and 3 squid jigs.
  • Kingfish with live yellowtail or poddy mullet
  • Tailor and Australian salmon on floated pilchards or 30 – 50 grams metal lures.

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: