Discovering Docklands

Docklands is weird. There, we said it. But amongst its urban weirdness is a silent army of bream that are daring to be caught.

Going to Docklands is like stepping into a parallel universe. This place is weird, man. Harbour Town shopping centre, that fake London Eye thing, the ghostly silence of sparse empty streets—it’s a cultural wasteland.

While most Melburnians avoid Docklands unless they’re going to the footy or a concert, anglers in the know flock to these waters in search of bream. Lots of bream.

Take Collins Street all the way to the end of North Wharf Road and you’ll find a handy parking spot. From there, you have access to dozens of boats moored along the wharf—home to Dockland’s legendary bream population hiding underneath.

Using bait or lures directly on your line, let your bait sink naturally under these boats and wait for that satisfying pull of a fish hooked.

Fish under each boat, moving onto the next boat until you locate the fish

As a slow-growing species, large bream are often over 15 years old so we don’t advise eating fish from these waters—the lower Yarra isn’t exactly the purest of waterways. But if you’re happy to catch and release, Docklands can be a pretty fun day out. It’s not weird at all. We promise.


Getting there: 10 mins via Collins street from Melbourne [view in map]

Best times: Dawn or dusk

What to catch & how: 

  • Bream on yabbies, prawns or lures.
  • Snapper / trevally / mulloway on pilchards or squid

Buying bait: 

Where to eat: